How to Block SBI Credit Cards

While credit cards have emerged as one of the easiest payment mechanisms today, they can be difficult in other ways. Making payments, inaccessibility to customer care services, and being unable to quickly block a lost credit card are among the most frequent complaints by credit card users.

SBI credit cards have emerged in the market to offer a solution to such woes. SBI credit card customer care numbers are toll-free and can be reached not just by calling, but by SMS too. Everything with this credit card, including SBI card payments or learning how to block SBI credit card, is extremely easy and accessible in minutes.

How to Contact SBI Credit Card Customer CareThere are several ways to reach out to customer care, including calling the SBI credit card customer care number. There are 5 more ways, both online and offline, through which you can contact the customer care team. Read on to learn more.

  • Give a missed call on the number for the specific service you are looking for
  • Send an SMS from your registered mobile number
  • Email them either through their website or by writing to their official email address
  • Send them a postal letter
  • Contact the team on social media platforms, like Twitter, with your query

How to Make SBI Credit Card Payment

There are several ways that you can easily make your SBI card payment, including both online and offline means, in a convenient and hassle-free manner. 

  • Online:
  • Use the IMPS functionality for quick payments
  • NEFT payments are also available for SBI card payments
  • Netbanking is another easily accessible manner for making your payments
  • You can also make payments through mobile wallets, after filling them up first
  • If you have an SBI bank account, you can also set up auto-debit instructions for your credit card payment
  • Offline:
  • You can pay at your nearest SBI branch by submitting a deposit slip
  • If you have an account with SBI, call up customer care and share your debit card details to facilitate the payment
  • With an SBI debit card, you can just head to the ATM and make the payment
  • Demand drafts and cheques are also ways for you to easily make your SBI card payments.

How to Block SBI Credit Card

A lost credit card is also a dangerous situation, which is why it’s important to know how to block SBI credit cards. In line with their desire to offer accessibility to customers, SBI has offered the blocking facility via both online and offline means. 

  • Online:
  • From the official SBI website, log in using your credentials. Click on ‘Requests’, and then select the option for ‘Report Lost/Stolen’. 
  • From the mobile app, head to the ‘Menu’ and then place a ‘Service Request’ to ‘Report Lost/Stolen’ to ensure the card is blocked.
  • Offline:
  • You can drop an SMS to 5676791, saying, ‘BLOCK’ followed by the last 4 digits of your lost credit card.
  • You can also call the helpline number and have your card blocked over the phone.

Along with ease of usage, there are a lot of factors that make the best credit cards useful for its customers. With SBI credit cards, you can rest assured that you are getting the best that is available

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