How to get grant money to start a business

Everyone at least once thought about the fact that if he had the material ability, he could open his own business. The state tries to create seemingly favorable conditions for the growth of small and medium-sized businesses, it is not only all the possible benefits and grants, as well as competitions for the interesting and profitable business plans of wanting to start a business. But keep in mind a lot of points to get free money from the government to the business development of both existing and emerging. Let’s see, how to get grant money to start a business.

To start, you need to be unemployed. Contents at the Employment and stated his desire to start his own business. Self-employment program for the Health Ministry allocates from 58 to 232 million in aid to citizens in the business plan and the reduction in the number of unemployed.
Open at any branch the Savings Bank account for subsidies. A copy of the passbook or statement by plastic card provides the accounting labor exchange.
Fill out the necessary forms and pass tests to determine the extent of your leadership and entrepreneurial skills and characteristics.
Visit all of the proposed exchange seminars and courses on the basics of business.
The most important part in securing a grant to offset the cost of opening your own business – it’s a well-developed business plan.
Most accurately reflect income and expenses at the start, and also specify the stages of growth and business development with reference to specific dates and actions you as a future leader.
Submit your business plan to the Commission by the deadline. With the preparation and correction will help you not only specialists labor exchange, but also in the economic department of the administration of your district or city.
Do not be afraid to ask questions or ask for advice, no errors in the business plan will not only help to overcome the doubts of the Commission but will strengthen your confidence to make the desired direction for the project.
Attach to the project, together with an explanatory note all the documents: that you have the required level of education, application for participation in the competition for grants, a copy of the document proving your identity and citizenship certificate from the labor exchange that you are registered for lack primary and secondary jobs.
Received the approval of the business plan, register your organization to be any way you view the property to the tax office of the Russian Federation.
After receiving a grant for your checking account, consider the commission proof of proper use of subsidies.
Still wondering how to get grant money to start a business?

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