Using Twitter for Your Dog Business

Twitter is the second largest social networking site next to Facebook. It’s a micro-blogging site which allows users to create their own profile and “tweet” or post short messages which can be broadcasted throughout the user’s followers. Just like Facebook, Twitter presents one of the most viable ways to promote your dog business. And aside from promotion, it’s a good platform for direct communication with your clients or customers.

How can Twitter be used for your dog business?
There are several ways as to how Twitter could be used and be beneficial for your business. Among the most important ones include the following:

Providing an online presence for your business
No matter how small your dog business is, it pays to create a social networking account or profile particularly of Twitter. The current trend for any business today is to have an online presence. If you are observant enough, a lot of brands including the famous personalities themselves request people to communicate by liking their Facebook pages or by following their Twitter accounts. A twitter account is easier to remember than a telephone number or perhaps, an email address. Having a Twitter account is a simple and free alternative for your business to be online even if you don’t have a dedicated website.

Accumulating leads and prospective customers
Twitter provides several opportunities for you to accumulate business leads and prospective customers. Your most immediate prospects are your followers which might include your friends, acquaintances, or simply other users who find your dog business or services interesting. The good thing about Twitter is that it is very easy to gain followers and eventual customers. You just need to make a good profile and you will see that Twitter users who are interested in dogs or your services will start following you. Aside from your main tweets, your followers could even “re-tweet” your messages or your business’ profile itself gaining more audience and widening your dog business’ market.

Another important Twitter element that businesses use to promote their products and services are the hashtags. A hashtag is the combination of the # sign and a particular topic or keyword. For example; if your services is related to dog walking, you could include the hashtag “#dogwalking” to your tweets. This makes your profile and nature of business visible and searchable for all the Twitter members or users.

Your dog business has a better luck to hit big with Twitter
Famous individuals including those considered as persons of authority use Twitter more often compared to all other social networking sites. If you are providing a good and unique dog-related service, you could be lucky to get noticed by these personalities and have your business tweeted or re-tweeted by them. When your business is eventually noticed even by a single personality having thousands of followers, its more than enough to promote and sell your dog-related products or services.

Twitter could be used as a direct form of communication to your clients
When you tweet, you are actually communicating and sending messages. Twitter could be a great tool to communicate with your dog business clients. Twitter could also be used to deliver your regular or special business announcements, special discounts, and offers, etc. And another good thing about Twitter is that it could be mobile, you could tweet, re-tweet, or reply to tweets even using your mobile phone. You’re also assured that the message gets across your client’s whether they are using their mobile devices or mobile phones.

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