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Best bitcoin faucet list

Earn easy and automatic free bitcoins

After months of intensive online research and based on my own experience, I found different bitcoin site that will save you time, money and can help you create a Bitcoin network that works in automatic mode!

Well, you have to get started to get a Bitcoin wallet. You can sign up for a Bitcoin address on  Coinbase .

Register on Coinbase and get $ 10 Bitcoin deposit in your new wallet.

To earn bitcoins automatically join first to the best taps sites.
I offer the best bitcoin faucet that pay the best. There is no need for you to spend hundreds of countless hours in search of paying bitcoin faucets. Just sign up for each tap and start earning a lot of Crypto fast, free and easy!

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Join the best ad sites and win bitcoins. On the following sites you will earn free Bitcoins by clicking on Crypto’s ads and posting related websites. You just have to leave the open browser tabs and you win Bitcoins, it’s as simple as that!
The more sites you sign up for and the more open tabs on a browser the more you earn.

If you have your website make sure you have space to place a few banners, I highly recommend signing up on the following two sites. If you register as a publisher and place their HTML code you will not believe the amount of Bitcoins that will be paid to you on a daily basis! The more traffic you have, the more Bitcoin you will earn. A-ads pays you for each impression and CoinURL they pay you with every click you receive.

If you currently use services like to shorten your URL links, there is CoinURL that allows you to earn Bitcoins for every click and it’s the advertisers who pay most of the funds. You get shortcut links that you create and distribute them to sites, blogs, or social networks. So why not do something that earns you money rather than doing it for free? This service is a must and totally free to use.

Invest your Bitcoins wisely.
Once you have earned enough Bitcoins I strongly recommend investing in peer-to-peer loan sites. Instead of just having your Bitcoins tidied up in a wallet, you can earn interest by lending to others or even putting it on a Crypto savings account and letting it gain interest over time. It is always better to diversify your investments so that you can get a better return with a safe and regular income. The site that is currently popular with Bitcoin loans within the Crypto community is Bidbond , which can provide you with a steady return on investment.

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