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What To Do If Your Company Driver Charged With DWI, Will It Affect Your Business?

When running a business, there are things you can’t control, especially when it comes to your employees. What to do if there is something terrible happened to your employees while they are in their work. Or if they did something terrible during their working hours. One of the most common problems that business owners are dealing with their employees is drunk company drivers. When a company driver is caught during working hours that they are drunk, what should you do? Is it upon your shoulders, as you responsible for what your company driver is charged with? Well, it can be a serious matter. It can have the company’s name dragged down especially if the driver is working while drunk during office hours and having some business transactions going on. So, what are you going to do? Are you torn on what are the things you need to do to save your business from such an incident? Well, check these things below to see what you can do.

First, Stay Calm

First things first, always stay calm. Anger will not bring you to places, so make sure to breathe in and breathe out. Once you received that call, calm your self as much as you can. Think straight before you said anything and then once you are already calm, do the second thing.

Call A Lawyer

After you calm your self like a professional business owner, call a lawyer right away and check the things you need to know. Let your lawyer know how it happened, be honest and let him do his job. Do not sugar coat anything as transparency must be done, just like with running a business- honesty and credibility is a must.

Know Your Rights

Then, ask your attorney what are your rights as the employer of the drunk company driver and the DWI Texas felony stuff, and also ask him the rights of your driver. Make sure you know everything you need to know, especially your rights. Also, know what will be the consequences of it, the worst things worst so you will be ready for it.

Ask Your Company Driver To Cooperate

Talk to your company driver, what went wrong and never let your anger burst out. As much as you can, understand the situation, there must be something going on — work pressure perhaps, or a personal problem. Then make sure your company driver will cooperate with further questioning, tests, and other stuff. Just make sure to give him a credible lawyer, you can head to this DWI office to hire a lawyer for your driver, or if your company has one, then it will be helpful.

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Check If Your Business Will Suffer

Ask your attorney if your business will be affected, especially if it happened during working hours. It is a concern, primarily if the vehicle is registered under the company. If the company driver has a contract included DWI under the restrictions, then most likely, the company has no responsibilities.

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