How A Stay at Home Mom Can Become An Internet Marketer While Homeschooling Her Children

Are you a homeschool mom? Do you wish you had a way to help out with finances without leaving your kids with someone else or sending them to school? Maybe you should consider becoming an internet marketer. Here are some tips to help you work this into your already busy schedule.

1. Plan ahead

Decide on how this will fit into your life as a stay at home mom. Can you fit one more thing into your schedule? Yes, you probably can, but you need to figure out exactly how to do it before you start. Talk to your spouse and to your kids (if they are old enough) and explain exactly what you are considering and get their feedback. It helps if everyone is on board with the program from the beginning.

2. Make a schedule

Once you have your plan, make a daily schedule. This can be worked around your children’s homeschool assignments.

For example, use the Pomodoro Principle for both you and your kids. With the Comodoro Principle, you set a timer and work on a task (called a “Pomodoro”) with intense focus for 25 minutes. When the timer goes off, you take a 5-minute break and then repeat.

So how would this shake out in a homeschool situation? Introduce a concept, then assign a task to your child. Set the timer and then both you and your child/children work for 25 minutes and then take a break. Give feedback on the task or introduce a new task and repeat the process. What a great example for the kids to see mom working in the exact same way!

A little tip: I use a clever little iPhone app called “Pomodoroplus.” It has a timer and an alarm that rings when the time is up. I can look at it and see how much time I have left to accomplish a task. I am using this as I write this article and I now see that I have 10 minutes until I take a break. This little artificial deadline helps me to stay on task and be more efficient with my time.

3. Find a mentor

The best way to be successful is to find someone who is doing what you do and copies them. This cuts out a lot of the learning curve. I floundered around wasting time, money and energy until I found great mentors who work in my same niche. They have a proven track record, so all I have to do is copy what already works.

How do you find a good mentor? Ask your friends or look online. Read testimonials. Sign up for their free stuff and see if it feels like a good fit for you. A word of warning: once you find mentors, stick with their system until you see results. Many stays at home moms have allowed themselves to become distracted by the next new thing, thus accomplishing nothing.

Yes, it is possible for a stay at home mom to become an internet marketer. With some thought and planning, you too can be making money online while still enjoying homeschooling your kids.

Marty Simons is an internet marketer and mentor who loves to help people start successful internet marketing businesses.

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