How to Impress Your Boss

Once you’re hired, you must inject to your mind that you will not work just for salary sake. Work because you have a dream to pursue. And to reach your dreams, there are ways that you need to learn and follow.

But before you reach that goal, the first step is to impress your boss. If your boss likes your character and performance, it will not be impossible that success will easily come your way.

Don’t know how to impress your boss? Here are some tips on how to impress your boss:

Dress Professionally- Dressing in professional attire can really give you a total attention. Being on proper attire will give an impression that you are smart, intelligent and responsible.

Be Punctual- Always come to the office right on time, or perhaps, come 10 minutes earlier. Moreover, avoid the habit of always late and absent. Remember that your boss’ eyes are still on you since you are just new to the company.

Beat your Deadlines- Make sure that you completed your tasks right before the deadline. Also, when a task is assigned to you, make sure to do it exceptionally and remarkable. That’s a big positive point!

Share Ideas and Observations- Don’t hesitate to share your ideas and observations when you were asked by your boss to speak up. He would love to hear if you are really into your job. It will also be a start of a good relationship with you and the boss, if he notices that you possess good potential as an asset to the company, he might consult your opinions once in a while.

Be Friendly and Helpful- Create a good rapport with your co-workers and offer a help if they faced troubles at work. Having this character will show another important personality of being sincere.

Love your work- This is the most important factor because if you really love your work, it will just show. Your boss will really be impressed if you show that you are serious in your job and that you really bring out the best in everything that you do.

Leaving a good impression to your boss will help you a lot if you want a lasting job. Leaving an impression is far different for being “sip-sip” or the act of excessive or insincere flattering to your superior, avoid doing that. If you want to have a good relationship with your superior, do your job right and upon doing each task as his employee, make sure that you do it sincerely.

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