What Are the Best Investments?

The world of investments spans far and wide. There are stocks and options, mutual funds, bonds, forex and futures, real estate, annuities, and more to choose from. The best investments are arguably those that give the most return on your money. But finding the best investments from among all of the available options can be difficult to say the least. It can also be fraught with peril, as there are those that are all too willing to take your money and provide no value, even steal your money. Unfortunately, there are individuals like Bernie Madoff who are just waiting for the next scamming opportunity.

It is possible to find some great investments when you do your due diligence. No investment advice should be taken at face value, even from a licensed financial guru, without a person taking the time to research the recommendation for themselves. You care about your money as nobody else does. Turning your earnings over to someone to manage completely and without any checks and balances in hopes that you will make lots of money and become independently wealthy is a recipe for disaster. And most people shouldn’t become involved in derivatives, which according to the world’s greatest investor Warren Buffet, are WFDs (Weapons of Financial Destruction).

So now you know some of the types of investing not to participate in, but what then are the best investments available from the ones left? First, remember risk is almost always commensurate with reward. Big risk = big potential reward. Small risk = small potential reward. You can’t really expect the laws and principles of investing to be temporarily suspended while you are playing the game. That being said, most people have a risk tolerance greater than small and lesser than big. Yes, most people are somewhere in between at varying degrees.

Since you’ve read this far, I’m going to let you in on one of the best investments of all time (in my opinion — do your due diligence). When it comes to things that work, formulas that produce, methods that put out, look to old… Most things in life that work and will continue to work have been discovered long ago. We spend so much time trying to get in on something new or improved, when the more things change the more they stay the same. Are you following me in regards to the best investments of all time? What holds its value better then ANYTHING else and has for centuries? That’ right — gold and silver! And as much as the central banks of the world love to pooh pooh the precious metals they are all presently net buyers of them instead of net sellers. Should you be too? No paper currency has done anything ultimately other than reach zero value. There is very little gold in the world, and even less silver for sale! I won’t spend time here on giving you all of the whys and wherefores of what I consider the best investment of all time — silver — I’ll simply refer you to the world’s foremost expert on the subject, Ted Butler. That’s your homework, your due diligence. Decide for yourself… is silver the best kept secret, the best investment of all time?

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